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Friday, December 9, 2016

to iphone users: scam / cara baru nak hack apple ID and password. beware!

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

dear diary

good morning.

untuk entry harini, yang ni sebenarnya  kawan-kawan sya share, so sya simpan kat sini so that kita can benefit together-gether ok. ngeeeee :)

rasanya ramai yang tau one of ke-power-an iphone ni (ye ke?) is dorang provide one of the best security when it comes to kes-kes kecurian, etc.
bukan senang nak breach security / hack access pada stolen iphone ni.
boleh, tapi kalau hantar kedai pon normally kedai akan charge harga yang korang rasa macam "baik aku beli je sebijik handphone baru"

ok, sambung**

disclaimer: this one was shared by Mr Keng How thru his fb account.


Dear Friends, Kindly share the below incident to whoever using iPhone , please aware and keep in mind always: 

Last Saturday , I was in Pavillion with my wife and young kid . Unfortunately , my wife iPhone was stolen in the Zara shop . The pick pocket open the zip of the bag and stolen the phone during we are standing at the blind spot of the CCTV . We noticed the phone was lost within 10 minutes from the incident .

I tried to call the phone but unfortunately the phone was already turned off . I immediately using the app ' find my iPhone ' and the status of the phone was showed offline . I turn on the lost mode and lock mode to avoid any else to login the phone . Police report made after that .

Three days passed , my wife received a mms from an unknown sender which show the iPhone was found in KLCC and given a link written 'apple support' . To view the location of the phone , we required to key in the Apple ID and password again .

Without think twice , We hv follow the instruction given and input the ID and password . 

The link given was a scam which sent out from the thief to get your ID and password . Within 5 mins , my wife phone was erase from the find my iPhone . I believe they sucessfully unlock the phone and sell to the market . 

I hope you all able to share to your friend who using apple. Never provide your Apple ID and password to any unknown LINK even though written APPLE SUPPORT. I admit we are careless without think twice before taking any further action . I hope my sharing able to help others in the future .
Thank you very much . Have a nice day ~~


moral of the story, careful.
sekarang ada macam-macam taktik nak breach security / hack account kita.

so sebelum kita simply log in (tak kisah la untuk log in icloud ke, log in untuk online banking ke, etc), make sure you are on the right / safe site.
make sure log in page tu, url mest https.
huruf S kena ada.
nak lagi style, kalau perasan, kat tepi tu ada lambang lock @ mangga (dapnye mangga. tetibe. hehe)

ok, careful taw.
ex colleague sya pernah lost all his money dalam bank sebab log in account bank (online banking) from a hyperlink.

beringat sebelum kena.

ok bye (dato aliff syukri)