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Friday, March 6, 2015

Are you a: Tea Drinker OR Coffee Drinker?

Dear Diary

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

This is too cute that I decided to put it on this blog. Hehehehe


Here’s what type of person you are based on your tea or coffee consumption:
1. Tea drinkers meditate; coffee drinkers medicate.
2. Tea drinkers are as loose as their leaves; coffee drinkers are as grounded as their beans.
3. Tea drinkers take a break; coffee drinkers need a break.
4. Tea drinkers are high-noon; coffee drinkers are morning, noon and night.
5. Tea drinkers take it slow; coffee drinkers are looking for a rush.
6. Tea drinkers are looking to kick back; coffee drinkers are looking for a kick.
7. Tea drinkers know no time constraints; coffee drinkers know to cut it off by 3 pm.
8. Tea drinkers are about rainy days; coffee drinkers are early mornings.
9. Tea drinkers see the mug half-full; coffee drinkers see it to the bottom.
10. Tea drinkers work outside the lines; coffee drinkers work to meet deadlines.
11. Tea drinkers don’t need caffeine; coffee drinkers would inject it, if possible.
12. Tea drinkers like to stew; coffee drinkers like to brew.
13. Tea drinkers bag it up; coffee drinkers like their sugar in the raw.
14. Tea drinkers like a little flavor; coffee drinkers like it extra bold.
15. Tea drinkers like it piping hot; coffee drinkers like it with the pipe.
16. Tea drinkers are fixing up; coffee drinkers need their fix.
17. Tea drinkers lie down to bed; coffee drinkers need it to get out.
18. Tea drinkers keep thoughts; coffee drinkers keep notebooks.
19. Tea drinkers eat biscuits; coffee drinkers don’t eat anything.
20. Tea drinkers ask questions; coffee drinkers answer them.
21. Tea drinkers are soothing; coffee drinkers are brooding.
22. Tea drinkers can let it wait; coffee drinkers sip their weight in coffee.
23. Tea drinkers do it for the enjoyment; coffee drinkers do it with a purpose.
24. Tea drinkers ponder; coffee drinkers argue.
25. Tea drinkers read; coffee drinkers write.
26. Tea drinkers cross wires; coffee drinkers get wired.
27. Tea drinkers need to relax; coffee drinkers don’t need the laxative.
28. Tea drinkers feel close to home; coffee drinkers are imported.
29. Tea drinkers put their hands around you; coffee drinkers’ are shaky.
30. Tea drinkers come from a box; coffee drinkers have an origin.
31. Tea drinkers are just starting out; coffee drinkers are aficionados.
32. Tea drinkers sip on a moment; coffee drinkers gulp it down.
33. Tea drinkers are strict; coffee drinkers are addicts.
34. Tea drinkers savor the day; coffee drinkers live it.
35. Tea drinkers are romance and fantasy; coffee drinkers are passion and efficiency.
36. Tea drinkers have a preference; coffee drinkers don’t discriminate.
37. Tea drinkers are found in libraries; coffee drinkers are found in bookshops.
38. Tea drinkers spill the milk; coffee drinkers spill the beans.
39. Tea drinkers are imaginative; coffee drinkers are productive.
40. Tea drinkers are high-society; coffee drinkers are low-brow.
41. Tea drinkers blow on their tea, coffee drinkers exhale cigarette smoke.
42. Tea drinkers will double-bag it; coffee drinkers will give you a double shot.
43. Tea drinkers don’t mind it too weak; coffee drinkers don’t mind it too bold.
44. Tea drinkers know what’s buzz-worthy; coffee drinkers know a good buzz.
45. Tea drinkers like fine china; coffee drinkers are fine with paper.
46. Tea drinkers have some spice; coffee drinkers have some bitterness.
47. Tea drinkers steep in their cups; coffee drinkers get deep inside.
48. Tea drinkers simmer just fine; coffee drinkers get heated.
49. Tea drinkers stir the pot; coffee drinkers warm up to you.
50. Tea drinkers comfort you when you’re sick; coffee drinkers comfort you when you’re tired.

Sya - coffee drinker. Hehehehehe, Tapi sekarang tengah nak switch to tea. Reason - sebab makin hari, makin tak cukup. Mula-mula 1 cup je, then naik jadi 1 cup morning, 1 cup after lunch. Takleh jadi nih... Kalau takde coffee, satu keje pon tak boleh buat. Bulan puasa dah dekat. Better practice sekarang. Huhuhu