In the name of ALLAH.. The Most Gracious and Most Merciful

I seek Your refuge from grief and distress, old age and laziness, miserliness and cowardice. I seek Your refuge from the burden of being in debt and from being overcome by men. Aamiin.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Photographer for engagement. [Part 2]

Dear diary

Morning!! =)

Remember I told you about the photographer I intended to hire for my engagement? Well, I called him last Sat. He's a very nice guy. Suke! Hehehe. I sought for his advise, how I'm going to plan my event and at the same time meet our deal (4 hours). Guess what?? He said he estimates around 4 hours. But it's ok if the event takes longer. He'll try his best. Yeaaa (and you're the best)!!

And after the conversation, I straight away paid my deposit (to show how EXCITED I am to get him on my E! Day)

Fuhh...settle satu kerja. Tak payah fikir about photographer dah.. Hope everything runs well. Aminn

Friday, January 27, 2012

Nak kurus cepat! Try Herbalife diet!!

Dear Diary

Today is a very frustrating day and I am so damn agry with myself! These few months (Please note -MONTHS not days) I ate a lottttt!!

Morning -biscut, lunch- nasik, teatime - goreng pisang, dinner - mcDonald, supper - mcDonald. WTH??!!

Nak jadi cite, g toilet, punye la ketat kaen baju kurung sampai aku nak nonggeng pon rs sesak napas! then only I realized that saye telah kembali gemok!! (When I was in school, my weight is 70kg, I managed to lost more than 15 kg in less than 2 months)

Then all of sudden, satu semangat datang utk mula diet! wajib.kate nak tunang. nak kurus. nak cantek. wajib diet cengginih!

I bought Herbalife Product btw. For those who are not familiar with this brand, it is a nutritional drink that makes you healthier, and slimmer (owh yeahh!) I started with a starter pack consists of 1 F1, 1 F2 and 50g Teamix.

Herbalife Starter Pack (Credit to Google Image)

But How??

 Bagaimanakah cara menurunkan berat badan dengan Herbalife?
This is what my friend's coach suggests to me
(kite takde coach.uhukkk).

Morning (before gosok gigi/mandi) - drink a glass of water
After mandi - drink another glass of water + teamix

Breakfast - Herbalife Shake (for Ladies, you can add 2 scoops of F1 + milk + approx 250 ml water) Shake then drink. Normally every morning I shake dalam kete smbiL drive. huhu

Lunch - you can eat whatever you want. Try to minimise sugar intake, kurangkan minyak, kurangkan nasik (kalaw mampu..huhu)

Drink 2L water

Dinner - Herbalife Shake (F1 + milk)

Drink 2L water

And AVOID eating banana, durian, susu pekat, and ade few more.da lupe..huhu.nanti kite check the guide. ngeeee

Sangat penting ye untuk MINUM BANYAK AIR (at least 4L per day). And Teamix, please drink.. jangan escape!! (pesanan untuk diri sendiri skali. huhu)

Herbalife Tea Mix (approx RM 150)

rasa-rasa mampu?? Kalaw mampu, trust me. You will definitely loose some weight. Serius. I personally lost 2 kg in a first week.. But after that, bile dating, bf puji2 kate kurus, belanje makan, teros lupe diri. Owhh.. the hardest part in any diet program is to control makan. sob..sob.. =(

So, for those yang interested to try/buy Herbalife product, you can visit any local dealers near you (eceh). Price?

I bought a starter pack at RM 250. Very cheap, right? But better you buy thru the legal coach. The price is a bit higher (because they charge you for the service, I guess) but its worth it! Trust me. They will guide you until you achieve your dream goal/weight. So kepada yang serius nak kurus, go and find one. worth a try.

Selamat mencuba~

Monday, January 16, 2012

one step at a time : Habib Jewels Gold Diamond Ring

So, Habib tgh buat saLE!!
sume kdai emas tgh wat saLe just to share with everyone (if u r looking for a gold ring)..

- do you know that diamong ring (either emas kuning or emas putih), emas tu kebanyakannya is from 750 type and below. Selalu kite taw emas 916 je kan..? But for diamond ring, dorg gune 750 916 sangat lembut. xbLeh hoLd the diamond.owhh..Sya br taw..confident jek nk emas 916.hahaha

-end of the year, habib jewels, poh kong, emas sri pinang, etc akan buat sales where they will cut down the gold price. ok.if u r looking for centerpiece that are well-designed, special, ok-go ahead.this is the right time. tp kalau korg beLi because u think it is cheap, then korang mmg harga upah (workmanship) is quite, although kedai emas kt Luar to slightly mahaL, tp still cheaper. wuteve pon, yg penting-NEGO!

-ok, normally year end saLe dorg akan offer 50% discount on selected items (normally diamond ring-la) So we bought one diamond ring for engagement and another one cincin bese (corak bunge) for merisik.owh..gedik rasenye!harga??average price is 2k and prepare la ongkosnye hokeyy..

mine??xsempat nk amik gmba.teros pas kt aiman soh umie aiman I pon m'google to see whether mine ade kt google image n I found this.Lebih kurang La...
thanks yayang!