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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The wedding of Zahiril Adzim & Shera Ayob

Dear Diary..

Too many reports, ppts, handouts to prepare yet I feel so lazy to start apetah lagi to finish them.

Oh..dun knw why, Sya memang admire Shera Ayob. Though her acting is so-so to me (I know she's a host. I like her when she was hosting School Attack-TV3.hehe.comeL giLE!) But I like her after her previous love story (with Kamal Adli whose now is Intan Ladyana punye hokkeh) terputus di tengah jaLan. I confidently feel (until today) that it was Kamal's fault. lantak lah citer lame.

But now she's happy. And I want her to know that Zahiril Adzim is the best guy (terharu with his writings, poems, etc).

OK, malas cakap banyak. I like her dresses. From engage, nikah, until both receptions. xcaye??cube tgk..

Engagement of Shera Ayob

Solemnization of Shera Ayob & Zahiril Adzim

Reception of Zahiril Adzim & Shera Ayoub

Reception of Zahiril Adzim & Shera Ayoub 2

Tapi what I love the most (Sya nak jugak one day!!)
Look at the details ->
nak nagesss...suke sangat..please2..saye maw tapi Hatta Dolmat saye xmampu.uhukkkk

mode:brangan but still berpijak di bumi..

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