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I seek Your refuge from grief and distress, old age and laziness, miserliness and cowardice. I seek Your refuge from the burden of being in debt and from being overcome by men. Aamiin.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Photographer for engagement. [Part 2]

Dear diary

Morning!! =)

Remember I told you about the photographer I intended to hire for my engagement? Well, I called him last Sat. He's a very nice guy. Suke! Hehehe. I sought for his advise, how I'm going to plan my event and at the same time meet our deal (4 hours). Guess what?? He said he estimates around 4 hours. But it's ok if the event takes longer. He'll try his best. Yeaaa (and you're the best)!!

And after the conversation, I straight away paid my deposit (to show how semangat I am to get him on my E! Day)

Fuhh...settle satu kerja. Tak payah fikir about photographer da.. Hope everything runs well. Aminn

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