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Friday, July 20, 2012

Found this Auction Website - Qoo10

Dear Diary

Last few days I was checking my email when suddenly I noticed ada satu small ads ni. Well, I am NOT addicted to online shopping but this one looks very nice. I explored few stuffs by different sellers and some are way cheaper to death "murah nak mampos")

Check this out Qoo10 previously known as Gmarket.

I think it's quite new but it's worth the price. serius memang murah!

You can add their facebook too

From what I've read.. there are quite a number of buyers who faced problems like -payment not detected-la, item tak sampai-sampai, etc. But jangan risaw. Most of them are efficiently solved! Hehe. Still seram kan??huhu

OK, actually Qoo10 nih is a secured aution website. Why?? Because buyers payment (RM) must be paid to Qoo10 and NOT the seller directly. Once buyers received the items, then only the payment will be disbursed to the sellers' acc. That's why the Qoo10's policy for refund is quite simple. They really attend to any dispute case as reported by the buyers. (Ayat dah macam Im part of them pulak kan..hahaha)

So, far I am interested with this

It's Fuji Instax 7s
Price?? RM 169 including postage? Murah kan??
Plan to buy the blue colour =)

# The Instant Film is kinda make me jiwa kacaw. RM25 for 10pcs. Meaning that sekeping picture will cost me RM2.50!! So, kena jimat. Hadoii..

Note : Just placed an order but a bit confused with some of its features. still exploring.. (Not very user-friendly la this page! huhu)

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