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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Spanx Official Website

Dear Diary

I've visited Spanx official website several times before I decided to buy my first piece from Iza (she's great! strongly receommended! i'll review about my first piece of Spanx once I received it from her).

OK, masa view website Spanx, tercari-cari jugak La malaysia kan sebab nak taw shipping cost, etc camne. But tak jumpa. The nearest pon Singapore or Indonesia =(

But today, I received newsletter from Spanx and I'm interested with its legwear. Saje-saje view website die. And suddenly ternampak "Malaysia". Makkk aihh.. terkejut tp excited. Does it mean that we can direct order from Spanx after this? Tapi bape RM pulak shipping fee nye? Hmm.. ntah-la!

OK, tengok nih! Nampak tak Malaysia??

Click to view larger image

Owh.. saya anak Malaysia.. saya anak Malaysia..hoho (excited nampak "Malaysia"! Hehe)

Nak explore jap! Bye! Hehehe

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