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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Engagement - Door gift (Update Glass Jar)

Dear Diary

Yesterday K.mai from Lurvering Door Gift sent to me two designs (I requested both to see which one's better).

"Alhamdulillah.. Finally, ada progress jugak doorgift Sya nih.huhu"

Basically there were two designs sent by K. Mai.

This is the first design

Second design

Guess which one yang Sya pilih?? Hehehehe

I chose the 2nd design.

Sebelum confirm kan dengan K. Mai, Sya called Aiman tapi tak angkat. Hours later, Aiman called tapi kate die bz sangat. Banyak keje kat office.

Masa balik tetiba Aiman called. Asked me to choose the first design. Siap suruh call K. Mai lagik to change.

I said NO. sape suruh bz sangat kt office. Wekkkkkk =p

p/s : Aiman kate taste Sya mcm Ke****. Hehehehe. Sebab ada lingkar2 pastu kaler kuning. Saye tak kesaaahhhhhh...! hehehehehe

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