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Monday, January 16, 2012

one step at a time : Habib Jewels Gold Diamond Ring

So, Habib tgh buat saLE!!
sume kdai emas tgh wat saLe just to share with everyone (if u r looking for a gold ring)..

- do you know that diamong ring (either emas kuning or emas putih), emas tu kebanyakannya is from 750 type and below. Selalu kite taw emas 916 je kan..? But for diamond ring, dorg gune 750 916 sangat lembut. xbLeh hoLd the diamond.owhh..Sya br taw..confident jek nk emas 916.hahaha

-end of the year, habib jewels, poh kong, emas sri pinang, etc akan buat sales where they will cut down the gold price. ok.if u r looking for centerpiece that are well-designed, special, ok-go ahead.this is the right time. tp kalau korg beLi because u think it is cheap, then korang mmg harga upah (workmanship) is quite, although kedai emas kt Luar to slightly mahaL, tp still cheaper. wuteve pon, yg penting-NEGO!

-ok, normally year end saLe dorg akan offer 50% discount on selected items (normally diamond ring-la) So we bought one diamond ring for engagement and another one cincin bese (corak bunge) for merisik.owh..gedik rasenye!harga??average price is 2k and prepare la ongkosnye hokeyy..

mine??xsempat nk amik gmba.teros pas kt aiman soh umie aiman I pon m'google to see whether mine ade kt google image n I found this.Lebih kurang La...
thanks yayang!

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