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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Engagement Review / Update

Dear Diary

Just nak update. I am officially engaged! Hehehe.

The engagement ceremony was held on 16 Sep 2012 a.k.a Malaysia Day. An easiest way to remember our E! date, kan..?

Well..overall semua OK. nothing extra gempak. Simple je..

Event started with a simple doa selamat which was led by Abah's friend, then makan2 start dalam pukuL 12 pm.

But that day memang quite hectic! Woke up pukul 6 am. Pukul 8 am I bawak konco2 (my sis and 3cousins) untuk cari fresh flower for my handbouquet. Mak Odah brought many flowers all the way from Cameron but unfortunately bunga tu tak kembang2 lagi. So tak seswai.

bought daisy, and ntah bunga ape lagi, cost me total RM15 (murah kan??). Pastu rush pergi ambik cupcakes and cake at secret recipe (baru nak ambik???) sampai rumah pukul 10.30 am and the MUA da sampai..serabot x??rumah tak kemas Lagi!!

owh..malas nak fikir, I was then proceed ngn make up. Surprisingly, after make up, tengok semua da tersusun cantik! sangat suke! centerpiece da tersusun (later I'll upload the pics), buffet station pon da ready. whoaaa...

On that day, family Aiman sampai quite lambat. Pukul 2 lbh br sampai. Everyone asek tanye and Sya da tak larat nak jawab diorang da sampai mane (Aiman is from Ampang) So from Ampang to Kampar, will take around 2 hours at least.

OK..full review later (bile rajin.huhu). Now, just nak share some pics

me with the simple-DIY pelamin =)

Sya rase make up tu tebal sangat but everyone said OK. I even requested the MUA to buang sket but "he" said tak tebal. And insisted that I will look fine in pics. Tp bile tgk pic nih, still rase tebal.
My ex-roomate (Uni) said I look better without make up. Ntah la..

Well this pic is from Kak Jue's fb. Kitorang tak amik pic sangat pon since we have our photographer kan. 3 orang lak tu! hoho. belom campor belah Aiman lagi! bajet glemer jap! hehehe.

During outdoor session! me sangat tak sabar nak tunggu pic from OP. nanti kite share ek.

My advice to ALL yang bakal engaged : Memang stress while planning / manning our own event. but the most important part actually is we need to trust people around us. Our family, relatives, etc. we cannot afford (the stress) to do it alone. Macam Sya.. seriously pasrah mase make up but after make up, everything turned out to be just like what i've imagined / planned. The arrangement, the flow, etc. Thanks a lot to ALL.. Family, makcik2, pakcik2, cousins, and ramai Lg


mode: masih tak faham ape itu darah manis????! erkk


  1. dear..

    thanks for visiting..hehehe.. anyway .. u look so gorgeous...congrats dear!

  2. cantik baju.... selamat bertunang

    dan selamat berkenalan

  3. pinott!!!!!Congratz!!!!cantek sgt pinot.hihi

  4. cantiknya u...congrats...welcome B2B :)
    Dh letak ur blog link..tq

  5. Cantik2! Visit u back! Heheheh

  6. cantik kaler bju tu...=)
    org nyer pun cantik jugak..^_^

  7. sayengsss..teniah ya..dtg sini balek..thanks ye sudi jenguk blog acik

  8. awak sangat lovely! tahniah!!! selamat menjalani kehidupan sebagai tunangan orang... kita lagi 3 bulan to gooo :DDD

  9. first of all congrats dear....! welcome to the club...seriously u look gorgeous dear tak nmpk tebal pun it blend well with your face..