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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Engagement Theme

Dear Diary,

I’ve decided the theme for engagement nanti.

Hopefully jadi. Though my eng dress will be something that either peach-beige or pink colour, I hope it’ll look good with the yellow theme.

I've talked to my mother too. I told her that I'll probably send my kain lace to the tailor somewhere in mid august. Mom rejected my idea mentah-mentah because she’s worried that the tailor might not able to make it since at that time, everyone will be very-very busy with Hari Raya preparation. But provided the tailor cannot make it, I will buy a pair of baju kurung moden as a backup. Nah!! Banyak tak baju eng sya?? haha. Tak membazir, baju tu nanti can be worn time besties’ or cousins’ weds, etc. OK kan?? Yeay!

OK tak yellow??

I want NO pelamin. Just a simple kerusi with vast left/right hand side.

Table centerpiece.Kalau rajin-lah!

Lantern?? Owh..OK. Yang nih over! taw..engage je pon kan..hehehehe

Will update kalau ada perubahan.. 

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