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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Inspiration : Design baju tunang Part 3

Dearie Dairy

Yes, this is a continuation of previous entries about my first idea and the laces bought.

I talked to my colleague who is also the sister of the person that I plan to hire (tailor). Hehehe. Senang! We are working together (though different branches), so when I got any question, I will ask her and she’ll get back to me with the answer. Nice kan?

I talked about my idea of baju kurung moden with full lace (top) and only plain chiffon (bottom). I showed her some samples that I love. But when she put her vote on plain chiffon baju kurung modern, then my penyakit “lalang” pon datang.

“Eh, plain chiffon looks better than lace-la”
“But lace gives vintage look”
“Tak over ker for engagement??”
“Orang pakai lace time nikah-la!”

Erk..confused lagi…!

Jom layan some of the designs that I love so much (blame them for my “lalang” mode)

Khalilah - she's beautiful. kan

OK, here are baju kurung modern that I love so much. I really want them. Simple kan?

Beautiful blogger..

 Irine nadia. At least once a month, I MUST visit her blog. Why? Ntah..because she's cute kot..hehehe

Cantik kan??? =)

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