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Monday, April 30, 2012

Inspiration - Design baju tunang

Dear Diary,

Dun know why, this few days, I keep thinking about my baju tunang. Maybe because I got less than four months (then nak tolak buLan puasa, rayer Lg, etc.) And I'm afraid that if I send to tailor in mid July, they might refuse to take it since ramai orang tempah baju raya kan..

So I must send to tailor paling lambat pon early or mid June.. Owh.. I got 1 month to loose weight. Iskk..isk..

Ok, talking about design for baju tunang. I am inspired by the lace shirt. Captivating my eyes! Suke sangat..

kuning silaww mate saye!

white colour.. (nampak gemok nanti..huhu)

Sya nak kaLer vaniLa to peach. Or anything yang light. Takmo striking!
so far Sya ske kaLer nih =)

Haaa...can imagine how the dress will look like?? Suke!!

p/s: combine idea nih ngn idea from Pretty Rina.cmne jadi nye??ngeeee =)


  1. hai dear..
    thanks follow n baca blog kita.. kita dh lama x update.. huhuu..
    jar yg bulat tu ya? yg ikea pny? kita dpt rm0.80 sen aje.. kat Nilai.. :)

  2. hi nasha..tq so much!
    ri2 g niLai gk. 0.80 sen tp kene above 500 kan..
    ri2 bwk viva.mmg xmuat month nk bLi La =)
    tq nisha~

  3. cantiknye top kuning tu..i like!!!such a great idea!! tak sabar nak tgk outcome =)

  4. Thanks FY. Ala..idea cedok2 merate. hehehe
    nnti sya upLoad the finaL nye..skang stiL in progress =)

  5. salam orked violet,

    boleh saya mintak emel address awk? ada something nak tanya.

  6. saLam azie, prob~