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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sony bloggie RM278

Deary Diary,

I bought Sony Bloggie camcorder thru online (Groupon). Best sesangat.tak saba nak collect. Well, price is really acceptable (nak kate murah tu tak la kan bcz bLeh mkn seminggu tu..huhu)

But compared to the original price, than it is way too cheap. RM278 je. The moment I received the email, I immediately called Aiman (mesti kena approve duLu..!huhu). He's agreed. Hehe. what I know is I really want it =)

Ok, redemption starts 30hb ni.. So, Mon I want to call them. Plan to have a pink coLour. gediks sket. hehehe. But colour is subject to availability. Harap2 available la..

mode: happy. I'll tell more once I received it. Suke!!!

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