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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Glass Jar for Engagement Door gift

Dear Diary,

I've been thinking about door gift since the first day we talked about wed/engagement. Lots of things, ideas stumbled dalam kepale. I read many B2B blogs, vendors' websites, forums, etc. From there, baru Sya taw about the idea of giving glass jar (xkesah La tarok ape pon kan) as door gift utk guests. It's becoming something that is very popular now. (Tapi xpenah dapat pon..well, kt my kampong so far none of us buat camni.xpe..biar Sya buat duLu.hehehehehe)

So, here are some of the ideas...

courtesy Kina from Journey of bride to be
Lurvering. Ngeeeeeee

BTW, this evening I just transferred the deposit for my glass jar. I ordered 200 units (more than enough I think. Engagement je pon kan..) Hopefully guests suke. As for the design (sticker) nanti baru double confirm. Ribbon - I think I will request for either pink or black colour. Owh..nanti-la discuss with Aiman

Tapi nak tarok ape kt daLam??? Entah.Tengok mood kot!huhu

mixed nuts
muffin/apam poLkadot (mak deL tere buat apam polkadot.huhu.harus mintak resipi nih!!)

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